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MASSE ON SANDWICH TOWNE TO PRIME MINISTER: “Everybody is getting rich except the people that live there. Please visit.”

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JUNE 18, 2018

MASSE ON SANDWICH TOWNE TO PRIME MINISTER: “Everybody is getting rich except the people that live there. Please visit.”


OTTAWA –Windsor West MP Brian Masse called on Prime Minister Trudeau today to release the Community Benefits Fund from the Gordie Howe Bridge Project immediately, and start taking action to protect the residents of Sandwich Towne from the impacts of construction of two simultaneous bridge projects in their neighbourhood. Masse also invited him, along with Transport Minister Garneau and Infrastructure Minister Sohi to visit Sandwich Towne to see why these benefits are needed immediately and permanently.

“Sandwich Towne is literally surrounded by billions of dollars of infrastructure, investment, and crown corporations that receive, or continue to receive, government funding and support. In fact, everyone is getting rich, except for the people that live there. Community Benefits Funds are immediately available and part of the Gordie Howe Bridge Project, to mitigate the impacts on this fragile and economically bruised community. However, they have not been released,” stated Masse in his letter.

Masse also requested the Community Benefit Funds to Sandwich Towne become permanent to protect this neighbourhood for the long-term. His letter further stated:

“I am once again reaching out to ask that you make the people of Sandwich Towne a priority. Being 15th on the list of Child Poverty by Federal Ridings by Campaign 2000 should signal a need that without immediate action, residents in Sandwich Towne are only going to fall more behind. It’s time for your government to step up and help these citizens – not just aid to the large corporations already receiving government funding for their projects – and act immediate, and make these benefits permanent for the residents of this community.”

The Letter and press release are attached.

180618 Letter to PM and Ministers re Sandwich Towne Benefits FINAL

171130 Community Benefits Submission WDBA

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