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MASSE: On Parliament Becoming Proactive and Protecting Canadians on Gas Price Gouging

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APRIL 30, 2018

MASSE: On Parliament Becoming Proactive and Protecting Canadians on Gas Price Gouging


OTTAWA – Windsor West MP Brian Masse today is reminding Canadians that New Democrats are working to ease the gas prices situation and to protect consumers from gouging.  In light of the again increasing gas prices across Canada, he is reminding Canadians that accountability, transparency on gas pricing is possible by signing the petitions House of Commons.

“Canadians will not ‘get used’ to unaccountable soaring gas prices. Canadians are fed up, and they expect their government to do something about the price gouging going on at the gas pumps.  It is time for the Liberal government to support accountable energy pricing and a solution since they have none. Consumers want a reasonable assurance that big oil is not taking advantage of them every time there is a price change,” Masse stated.

Masse currently has two motions in Parliament that would provide accountability at the pumps for consumers.  First, the creation of a Petroleum Monitoring Agency, Motion 3, would oversee gas prices across Canada and report directly to Parliament about what is actually taking place. If gouging is apparent, it would be addressed. Secondly, the creation of an Oil and Gas Ombudsman, Motion 44, would investigate complaints from Canadian consumers regarding gouging, follow through with independent investigations and report back to Parliament with their findings and compliance.

“For years consumers have come to me about unwarranted gas price hikes and I have taken action. My motions and will respectively oversee both complaints and price hikes,” said Masse.  “Both motions change Parliament from being reactive position to be proactive, accountable, and transparent for Canadian consumers,” said Masse.

This past December, Gilles Bisson NDP MPP (Timmons-James Bay) also introduced a bill in the Ontario Legislature bill that would have saved Ontario families from gasoline price gouging.  Bill 183, Fairness in Petroleum Pricing Act, 2017, was read for a second time in the legislature and was defeated by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals before reaching a third reading.

“Given the Liberals recent collusion with big oil on pipelines it is even more important than ever that a third party, independent analysis be part of pricing behaviour and accountability for Canadians,” Masse said.

To sign Masse’s petition visit:  https://www.brianmasse.ca/masse-on-parliament-becoming-proactive-and-protecting-canadians-on-gas-price-gouging/

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For further information:  Melanie Namespetra:   613-996-1541 or   [email protected]

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