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MP Brian Masse to fight for Windsor’s Synceron workers who are losing their jobs

The Employment Insurance rules changing tomorrow makes it more difficult for workers to access the EI they’ve paid into

(OTTAWA) – Today, MP Brian Masse (Windsor West) rose in the House of Commons to question the Liberal government on their cruel treatment of workers – especially local workers at Syncreon who are losing their jobs through no fault of their own. The Employment Insurance rules are changing tomorrow, September 24 which will hinder workers’ eligibility to access the Employment Insurance they’ve paid into. Workers will see a significant jump in the current minimum of 420 qualifying hours for both regular and special benefits – leaving out many of the Syncreon workers who are losing their jobs.

“In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, through no fault of their own, Syncreon auto workers are going to lose their jobs.

The Liberals have known for months this was coming but they refused to reform the employment insurance program for Canadians.

Shockingly instead of making things better, tomorrow, the Liberals are changing the EI rules to make things tougher for people just trying to feed their families.

This government seems to forget that this money belongs to workers and their families. They have been paying into EI for years and now they’re being robbed.

Why are the Liberals being so cruel when they could fix this today?”

Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Finance, MP Beech, responded without promising any support for Syncreon workers and committed no date on EI reforms. It is clear the Liberal government is willing to choose the profits of big corporations over Windsor workers.  

The NDP is committed to fighting for every worker, regardless of their employment situation. Workers need help now – and we will continue to push for expanded EI benefits to ensure that all workers in Windsor have the support they need. 

The question can be found here: https://youtu.be/Yo7UBR7vkq8.


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