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Protecting Ojibway Shores

In the past year you may have heard a lot of discussion about protecting Ojibway Shores.  This vital 33 acre greenspace is the last remaining, undeveloped natural shoreline in Windsor-Detroit, and I am working—with you, and for you—to protect it for the long-term. 

Ojibway Shores is home to hundreds of endangered species that rely on migration through surrounding local parks for survival.  This includes Ojibway Park, Spring Garden Natural Area, Black Oak Heritage Park, and the Tallgrass Prairie Park, to name a few.  If connected, this area including the Detroit River could become one of North America`s treasures. Ojibway Shores is a vital piece.  It serves not only as a home and larger ecosystem to these species, but also provides natural heritage areas that our community can enjoy, appreciate, and use for healthy living space and ecotourism.

This fight for protecting Ojibway Shores is a fight for our environment, and our community.  I encourage you to stand up and fight for Ojibway Shores by downloading and signing the petition at www.brianmasse.ca/petitions.

When I was a member of City Council we saved the Spring Garden area, Peche Island, and restored our riverfront to a park from a railroad and hotel. These decisions were good for our environment, image, and economy.  Let’s help protect this area by making it an urban national park.

Brian Masse MP (Windsor West)

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