July 5th, 2023 - 2:03pm

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Thanks to the NDP, Canadians receive hundreds of dollars back in their pocket with the GST rebate.

NDP MP Masse says the GST rebate will help millions of Ontarian families to pay their bills, but Liberals need to go further.


OTTAWA— On Wednesday, for a second time in less than a year, millions of Canadian families are receiving hundreds of dollars – a family with two children will get up to $467 – to help them deal with high costs after significant pressure from Canada’s New Democrats. While the amount that people have been paying for food, rent, and other necessities like gas and home heating fuel has remained high, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP relentlessly pushed the government to double the GST rebate to give families some financial breathing room.

“Canadians are stretching every dollar, putting food back on the shelves and having to downsize without much breathing room each month,” said NDP MP Brian Masse (Windsor West). “All the while, corporations are raking in record profits and keeping prices high. The NDP secured the GST rebate that will help over 3.6 million Ontarian families keep up with their bills, but we need to do more to tackle the root of the problem.”

In May 2022, New Democrats called on the government to double the GST rebate to help Canadian families. After months of sustained political pressure, the Liberals finally agreed to provide extra support in the fall. But the NDP wasn’t satisfied. New Democrats continued to urge the Liberal government to get more money back into people’s pockets, and, in the last budget, the Liberals agreed to double the GST tax credit again, opting to rebrand the program as a “grocery rebate.”

“Time and time again, it’s the NDP who has to drag the Liberals to start helping Canadians, not just their inner circle of ultra-wealthy CEO friends,” said Masse. “This extra help will go a long way for many families, but it’s not enough. Families are doing everything right, but they still can’t get ahead. New Democrats want to change that by fighting the corporate greed that is taking advantage of your budget – we’ll do that by pushing for stronger competition laws and bringing in a windfall tax on the major grocers, so it’s your family that benefits, not the CEO class.”