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August 17, 2020
Liberals side with telecom companies instead of Canadians


WINDSOR – Instead of making internet services more affordable for Canadians, the Liberals sided with Canada’s largest telecom companies in their appeal of an August 2019 CRTC decision to lower wholesale rates. During this pandemic, Canadians are more dependant than ever on high-speed Internet connection for work, school and essential services.


“During COVID 19, the need for accessible and affordable high-speed broadband internet has become obvious to all Canadians,” said NDP Critic for Telecommunications, Brian Masse. “Instead of making fast and reliable internet connection more affordable for Canadians, the Liberals are worried about rich telecom corporations losing profits. They are clearly on the wrong side and Canadians deserve better.”


While the Liberals are making the Internet more expensive to help large telecom companies, in Canada, 63 percent of rural households do not have access to high speed. In the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, no households have access to high-speed broadband. During this public health emergency, the situation has gotten worse for Canadians in rural and remote areas.


“Canada’s largest telecom companies have been lobbying the Liberal government extensively to protect their profits and its shows,” said Masse. “Liberals will always stand up for big corporations while Canadians are struggling to make ends meet in this pandemic. New Democrats will continue to fight for affordable and more reliable high-speed broadband internet for all Canadians.”

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