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March 29, 2022


NDP’s Masse fighting for support for Windsor workers and businesses

In Question Period today, NDP MP Brian Masse pushed the Liberal government to deliver help to people in Windsor

 OTTAWA — Workers and small businesses in Windsor continue to feel the remaining impacts of the convoy crisis that illegally blocked the Ambassador Bridge for days, hurting businesses, families and the community. Today, NDP MP Brian Masse (Windsor West) once again pushed the Liberal government to support workers and businesses impacted to help them get back on their feet.

 “The world watched as Ottawa was shut down and Windsor suffered an illegal blockade. Windsor’s response became a model on how to deal with the crisis despite the economic damages reaching into the billions,” said Masse in the House of Commons. “For months I have joined residents, doctors, retailers, manufacturers, first responders and the City asking for fair compensation for doing the right thing. Covid has burdened border communities and this government’s lack of border policies created confusion and disruption.”

 It’s been reported that the illegal occupation has cost people in Windsor XX dollars in damages and lost business. This directly impacts workers and businesses that keep the community up and running. While the federal government has announced help for workers and businesses impacted by the illegal occupation in Ottawa, Windsor workers and businesses have been abandoned.

 “Ottawa and its businesses are being compensated. Will this government treat Windsor equally by covering the costs we incurred while doing our part during the convoy crisis?” asked Masse. “People in Windsor deserve and need help to come out of this. New Democrats will continue to fight to make sure people and businesses in Windsor get the help they need.”

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