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NDP Industry Critic Brian Masse Statement On General Motors Closing of Operations in Oshawa

“Today, we are learning of the devastating news and details of General Motors’ closing of operations in Oshawa. Our thoughts go out to the workers, pensioners, families and communities affected by this decision. Thousands of good paying Canadian jobs will be lost and will leave families and communities reeling with the impacts.

Last week, the Liberal government gave corporations like General Motors a $14 billion tax giveaway, Justin Trudeau said this would guarantee jobs remain in Canada. But today we’re seeing how much the Liberal government does not understand what working people are going through, with thousands of layoffs sending shockwaves to our manufacturing sector. We can’t afford billions in tax giveaways to the richest companies when those same companies are pulling up stakes and leaving Canadians out of work. Canadians deserve to feel the benefits of those investments. 

For years, New Democrats, along with labour and automakers, have pressed consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments for a National Auto Strategy in Canada to ensure a measured outcome based approach for our direct assembly and supply chain automotive economy. Successive governments, including Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, have dismissed this call for a plan and today because of his government’s lack of action, the crisis will continue to manifest itself. The Liberal government must step in and commit to doing what it takes to keeping these jobs in place. The NDP stands with workers in refusing to accept defeat. This is the kind of investment Canadian workers and their families need.

The NDP once again calls on the Liberal government to protect workers and to implement a National Auto Strategy to ensure product lines and manufacturing processes in Canada are adapted to meet the changing need in the manufacturing industry. New Democrats stand with workers in Oshawa and with workers throughout the country and will continue to push the Liberal government to implement needed change to protect our industries.”



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