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CBC Exposé Prompts Government Action Despite Knowledge of Widespread Fraud Well Before


OTTAWA – Brian Masse MP (Windsor West) rose in the House of Commons today demanding that Prime Minister Trudeau explain why it took a CBC exposé to prompt his government to act to address CRA scams victimizing Canadians. Over 60,000 Canadians have filed formal complaints indicating they received fraudulent calls from scam artists threatening legal action including incarceration unless Canadians sent cash payments for fabricated tax arrears.

Masse is demanding the government explain its unresponsiveness: ”The government has been aware that Canadians were increasingly being victimized by scam artists impersonating Canada Revenue Agency representatives for many months. It took a CBC exposé to prompt them suddenly into action. While they were dithering thousands of Canadians we bilked out of millions of dollars.”

A recent CBC Marketplace exposé highlighted the scope of the phone scam industry in India. RCMP lead investigator acknowledged that the media coverage prompted the government to take action. RCMP Officer Peter Payne stated publicly that the CBC exposé: “drew more public awareness and pressure onto Canadian law enforcement as well as the Government of Canada” on this issue.

Masse launched a campaign to raise awareness around fraud to help Canadians recognize scams and protect themselves from fraudsters. The public education initiative was robust and included efforts to make the government aware of the scope of the problem:

“We need the government to be pro-active and deliberate on the issue of fraud protection as criminals continue to develop increasingly sophisticated tools to scam Canadians. The government’s approach of only responding when their inaction lands them in a public relations mess is another example of the Trudeau Government prioritizing its objectives ahead of addressing real issues impacting Canadians.” Masse added.

Masse will continue to work to help Canadians protect themselves and their families from fraud as well as urging the Government to follow suit.




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