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May 5, 2020

Masse thanks local company Morton Food Service for testifying at House of Commons Industry committee on impact of Covid 19 on Canadian business: Addressed the unique challenges and the new initiatives to survive

(Ottawa)-Morton Food Service’s President Robert Calcott testified yesterday at the House of Commons Industry Committee on the impact the Covid19 pandemic is having on Canadian independent businesses.

“This long-established Canadian business institution revealed the struggles it has had during the Covid 19 public health crisis which are emblematic of what Canadian independent businesses face and what additional supports the government should examine. Morton’s also created opportunities to reach new customers. These actions are the reason they have been in business for more than 100 years,” Masse stated.

Founded in 1919 as a small retail shop on Ouellette Avenue in Windsor, Morton’s has progressed to become a broad line food service distributor to independent restaurants in southwestern Ontario including the Niagara peninsula and the First Nations Reserve on the Grand River and employing 110 individuals. With over 75% of its 1200 customers having closed their doors as a result COVID19 pandemic, the company pivoted to a new initiative, https://mortontoyourtable.ca/,an online direct to consumer delivery service of restaurant quality products including many from Ontario producers.

“During this public health emergency, with local businesses extremely challenged while having to compete against multinational corporations, we can do our part in supporting locally owned restaurants by buying meals from them and purchasing food products from local food services so that when this crisis is over, they will be here for all us,” Masse stated.


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