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Liberals must stand up for Canadians and block the Rogers and Shaw merger

NDP Critic for Innovation, Science and Industry Brian Masse issued the following statement in response to Rogers and Shaw winning the merger case at the Federal Court of Appeal

“Today’s decision by the Federal Court of Appeal to allow the Rogers and Shaw merger to proceed is bad news for Canadian families who depend on telecom services in their everyday lives. This will mean less competition and higher monthly bills for cellphone and internet services.

Already, Canadians pay among the highest prices in the world for their telecom services. Meanwhile, other countries like Ireland, France and Australia introduced regulations that protect consumers from greedy telecom companies. These regulations created real competition and more affordable telecom services. There is no reason why Canada shouldn’t move in the same direction.

The Rogers and Shaw merger will only lead to less competition, a bigger monopoly, massive layoffs and higher prices for people.

This disappointing decision shows once again the need to modernize competition laws to better protect the interests of Canadians. Throughout this court battle, the Competition Bureau stood up for Canadian consumers with the tools at their disposal. However, now it is up to the Liberals to stand up for Canadians.

It is not too late to put a stop to this merger that will only hurt Canadian families whose budgets are already stretched thin.

The Liberals must step in and stand up for consumers by blocking this merger now.”

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