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Mr. Speaker,

As October comes to an end, so too does cybersecurity awareness month in Canada.

This year I have increased hope.  With the help of cybersecurity and fraud awareness experts across Canada, including John Mecher and Kevin Cosgrove, we have worked to ensure fraud awareness is at the forefront of discussions.  Our goal is to safeguard and educate Canadians against the attacks coming at them from their computers, phones and at their doorsteps.

Alongside my colleagues on the Industry Committee, we just reviewed our report on fraud to hold the Government accountable and make sure it’s doing everything to fight fraudsters and to educate and protect Canadians.

I have hope because, thanks to an historic U.S. settlement, some Canadian fraud victims had the opportunity to recuperate their losses to scammers when they used wire transfers through Western Union.

I have hope because the world is waking up to educating and protecting its citizens before they become victims.

I’m hopeful that all members in this house will work with me to educate Canadians on fraud and scams and that the Government will work with its global partners to advance the protections and protect Canadians at the international level.

We can and must do better, I have hope we will unite to fight these scammers and organized criminals.

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