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The Speaker : The honourable member for Windsor West.

Brian Masse (NDP) : Today the government is announcing up so $13 billion for a new Volkswagen electric vehicle battery plant. So they have $13 billion for a private company but are dragging their heels for a fair contract for government workers. This deal is about accountability and it’s imperative that we put workers at the heart of any agreement. They need to ensure good-paying union jobs or at least a commitment from Volkswagen that they will allow it to be a union shop in writing. What will this government do to make sure its Canadian workers, not Volkswagen CEOs and shareholder that benefit from this deal?

The Speaker: The honourable parliamentary secretary.

Andy Fillmore (LPC): Well, Mr. Speaker, our government has been very successful in bringing investments to Canada that are creating jobs and growing economic activity across the country, that Volkswagen has chosen Canada for their very first battery factory in North America is proof of that success and we’re very proud of it. Volkswagen’s historic investment of $7 billion is a major vote of confidence in our workers and our battery ecosystem and shows that Canada’s choices are working and I welcome the member to get on board.

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