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APRIL 29, 2022

WINDSOR, ON – Today, Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse requested further federal assistance to local businesses impacted by border blockade.  The initial funding did not cover all the businesses impacted and City taxpayers and businesses should not be left on the hook for these costs.


Masse asked, “As we watch another convoy roll into Ottawa, the City of Windsor is still recovering from the blockades two months ago. We learned this week that this government will reimburse the City Ottawa for the policing costs of the last mismanaged convoy crisis. Meanwhile, Windsor has heard nothing about the $6 million dollars the City had to spend to clear the Ambassador bridge blockade… We did all the right things, and we took it on the chin. Why is the government making it so hard for the people of Windsor?”


As an occupation took over the Parliament precinct in Ottawa for weeks, the confusion and a lack of leadership eventually emboldened further demonstrations including an illegal blockade of the Ambassador Bridge. Subsequently, Huron Church Road disruptions required police management which resulted in cement barricades shutting down local businesses and closing off the west end of the city to residents to prevent further blockades for weeks afterwards.


The City of Windsor has yet to be reimbursed for its costs and now requires a long-term plan to prevent future blockades. “I welcomed the assistance and funding program the federal government introduced, but it didn’t cover many businesses not immediately on Huron Church nor did it help the City of Windsor,” said Masse.  “The fact is our city taxpayers are footing this bill and enough is enough. Not only was our west end inaccessible for weeks during and afterwards, but those residents and businesses not directly in the way of the blockade suffered immensely.  The City of Windsor was left trying to get answers from this government and they still don’t have them,” Masse stated.  “Let’s just work together and develop a plan that reimburses those affected to no fault of their own.”


The federal government has provided financial assistance for local Ottawa businesses and the City of Ottawa who were also impacted by the occupation of the downtown area. Additionally, the federal government compensates the City of Ottawa for policing costs associated with protests in the nation’s capital.


A copy of Masse’s question: 220429 Policing costs



For further information, please contact:  613-996-1541 or 519-255-1631 [email protected]

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