February 21st, 2019 - 8:41pm

Consumer Protection, Digital

CRTC Report Revealed Telecom Sales Practices Hurting Consumers

Ottawa– Today Brian Masse, MP (Windsor West) and NDP Industry Critic, requested in a letter to both the Privacy Commissioner and the Competition Bureau launch investigations into whether Canadians’ privacy or consumer rights were violated by telecom companies exposed yesterday in the Canadian and Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s Report on Misleading or Aggressive Communications Retail Sales Practices.

The report revealed the egregious sales practices of 12 Canadian providers of wireless and internet services including some of the country’s largest telecommunications companies. The misleading and aggressive practices existed in all types of sales channels including in stores, online, over the telephone and at homes when companies conduct door-to-door sales campaigns. Furthermore, it exposed that those significantly impacted were the most vulnerable members of the public such as seniors, people with disabilities and Canadians whose first language is not English or French.

“Telecommunication services are essential to all aspects of life in our age. To ensure that Canadians’ privacy and consumer rights are protected requires persistent vigilance,” Masse stated.

Letter to Privacy Commissioner of Canada and Competition Bureau