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HANSARD – June 7, 2022

The Speaker: The honourable member for Windsor West.

Brian Masse (NDP): Mr. Speaker, tomorrow members of all parties have a chance to send bill c-248, Ojibwe national urban park to committee. It has the support of Windsor and most importantly Caldwell first nations. It’s their territory. Their voices need to be heard. Caldwell has waited for years for this park to become a reality and chief Duckworth has written a letter to every MP requesting that the bill move forward but the government is putting up needless obstacles. Will the minister of crown indigenous relations stand up for Caldwell first nations or side with petty politics and shut them out?

The Speaker: The honourable minister of the environment.

Steven Guilbeault (LPC): Mr. Speaker, I thank my honourable colleague for this I stood in this house to announce that we were moving ahead with this project, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker. I would hope that he’s happy about that as we are in on this side of the house. We have and will continue to work with indigenous peoples to build national parks in the country. Thank you very much.

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