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Proposed US Tariffs Would Devastate the Sector Across North America – Windsor Essex in particular


WINDSOR – NDP MPs Brian Masse (Windsor West), Cheryl Hardcastle (Windsor Tecumseh) and Tracey Ramsey (Essex) are calling on the Trudeau government to take immediate steps to protect the automotive industry currently under threat of attack from the Trump Administration. The MPs have written to the Prime Minister demanding immediate action.

MPs Ramsey, Masse and Hardcastle addressing US Auto Tariffs


NDP Trade Critic Tracey Ramsey urged the Liberal government to defend Canada’s auto sector, as well as delay ratifying the CPTPP trade agreement, which will only further harm the sector: “The federal government needs to be doing everything in its power to prevent the U.S. from imposing illegal tariffs on our auto industry. The uncertainty over potential tariffs is already harming Canada’s car sector, and the last thing we need is the Liberals pushing through the CPTPP.”

NDP Auto Critic Brian Masse MP, a long-time advocate for a National Auto Strategy talked about the potential impacts of the proposed Trump Administration’s tariffs to the North American automotive sector: “The automotive industry in North America is deeply integrated; the tariffs being contemplated by the Trump administration will disrupt supply chains triggering job losses on both sides of the border. In addition these tariffs could trigger major price increases for North American manufactured cars affecting the global competiveness of domestically produced vehicles. Everyone loses if these tariffs proceed.”


Cheryl Hardcastle talked about how protectionist auto tariffs could have potentially devastating impacts to workers and our community generally: “Auto is the backbone of our local economy. These tariffs, if they move forward will put people out of work, creating an economic crisis that will hurt families in our region and across Canada. Government policy has been to use our local industries to leverage political and economic support from US sanctions. It is incumbent on the Prime Minister that our residents do not become collateral damage or sacrificial pawns.”


The MPs are also convening stakeholder and public meetings this upcoming Thursday at the Ciociaro Club (details below) to develop a regional strategy to combat the Trump Administration’s attack on the automotive

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