May 10th, 2021 - 7:19pm

Border Issues, Canda/US Relations, Community, In the House

Hansard – May 10, 2021


Brian Masse Windsor West, ON

2021-05-10 15:10

Mr. Speaker, cross-border vaccination deals have been made by Manitoba with North Dakota, Alberta with Montana and Ontario is negotiating with Michigan. The federal government has completely failed to help on this, like it did with delivering vaccines in time to avoid a third wave.

For months, I have been requesting the establishment of a border task force to ensure businesses and families are part of developing a safe border plan. Now the U.S. Senate majority leader has engaged Congress in demanding a border plan.

When will the Prime Minister finally do his job and establish a safe border task force instead of him and a select few making it up on the fly?

Hon. Patty Hajdu Thunder Bay-Superior North, ON

2021-05-10 15:11

Mr. Speaker, every step of the way we have worked very closely with our United States counterparts to protect the health and safety of Canadians and indeed of our American cousins and neighbours.

I want to speak a little about vaccines though. It is a great day. Over 18.4 million vaccines have been shipped to provinces and territories to date. As of May 7, 16 million had been administered across the country. We can see the finish line, and I want to thank all Canadians for stepping up to get vaccinated when their turn arrives. This is great news for Canada, and this is great news for the United States. We will continue to work closely with our American cousins and neighbours.