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January 31, 2022

The Speaker: The honourable member for Windsor West.

Brian Masse (NDP): Mr. Speaker, like many other frontline workers, grocery store workers have but P you their health at risk to make sure that Canadians get the essentials that they need. With COVID-19 cases high it’s essential that they are treated and compensated fairly for the work that they do. If grocery stores won’t do the right thing on their own. They take government handouts to pay their rich CEOs. If the liberals won’t stand up for these workers will they guarantee that these fat cats don’t get subsidized taxpayer money when they failed to make this happen. What will the minister do.

The Speaker: The honourable deputy prime minister.

Chrystia Freeland (LPC): Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I thank the member opposite for reminding us again that COVID has shown us who are the truly essential workers in our economy. That very much includes frontline workers in places like grocery stores. Our government is very pleased to have been able to put measures in place throughout COVID to support these workers including measures like paid sick leave. Including measures like government support for people who need to take time off if a loved one is sick and, of course, the increase in the Canadian workers benefit.


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