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June 14, 2022

Masse pushes Liberals for safe border taskforce to clear endless delays


WINDSOR – Today, in the House of Commons, NDP MP Brian Masse (Windsor West) called on the government to create a safe border task force, which the NDP has called for throughout the pandemic, to finally address the endless delays impacting businesses and travelers in communities like Windsor.

In his response, the Minister for Public Safety said the federal government would commit to collaborating with Masse to set up a safe border task force to ensure smoother transfers at border crossings.

“Canadians are facing a disaster at the border. Preventable staff shortages are causing endless delays at our land crossings. Small businesses are suffering, and Canadians can’t travel.

The NDP has called for a safe border task force since the beginning of the pandemic that will work with all sectors to relieve this pressure.

But the Liberal’s refusal to act has led to confusion and frustration.

These problems are not going away,

Will this government finally put in place a safe border task force that will help Canadian travelers and businesses?” Asked Masse.

The question and the answer from the Minister for Public Safety committing to work with Masse to implement a safe border task force may be viewed here.
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