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APRIL 23, 2018  


OTTAWA – Windsor West MP Brian Masse introduced legislation today in the House of Commons that will amend the Textile Labelling Act so that the definition “textile fibre” includes any natural or manufactured matter which includes animal skin, fur and hair whether or not they have been removed from the animal skin. This includes the mandatory labelling of cat and dog skin, fur and hair regardless of the percentage of the total fibre mass of the article that it constitutes.

“Consumers have a right to know what they are purchasing and whether they are making an ethical and informed choice. We know that every year, approximately 2 million dogs and cats killed for their fur and their skins, and which are used to make trim on coats, toys, hats and figurines. These products originate in Asia and are then exported all over the world – including in Canada. Canadians should at the very least be aware that they are buying these products,” Masse said.

The United States, European Union, Great Britain, and Australia have all banned the import of dog and cat fur in textiles – Canada lags behind. This bill does not outright ban these products, but would be a proactive step in the right direction by allowing consumers to know that they are purchasing this fur.

“Companies and manufacturers around Canada and the world, including the Body Shop, are moving away from testing on animals for reasons that they call ‘outdated, cruel and unnecessary.’ Our own local Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods at the University of Windsor is innovating by using the most up-to-date research and not drug testing on animals. Yet, in September 2016, the Trudeau Liberals chose to not ban the importation of cat and dog fur in textiles,” stated Masse. “It’s time to move forward and let consumers decide,” he concluded.


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