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Hansard – April 21, 2016


Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, after Volkswagen was caught illegally falsifying emission tests and lying about the performance of its vehicles, U.S. regulators, senators, and congress, wasted no time taking it to task. Reports today say the case in the U.S. will be settled with fines, recalls, buybacks, and cash for consumers.

However, Canada has no deal, as per usual. Even though tens of thousands of these vehicles and cars are in our driveways, highways, and roads, why are Canadian consumers, once again, condemned as second-class citizens and the doormats of recall?

Hon. Marc Garneau (Minister of Transport, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I share the member’s concern for the safety of our roads. In fact, this past week, we announced and told Fiat Chrysler that we considered four of its models were dangerous, that they had defects in them, and we have gone forward. This is one example. We have many other examples.

We believe that it is important for Canadians to know when there are defects in different models of cars. We will continue to do that.

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