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The Speaker: Honourable Member for Windsor West.

Brian Masse (NDP): Madame Speaker, Canadians are putting their heart and soul into creating cent for the world country to enjoy. On TikTok they’re left out of their creator fund to work. It’s unfair. TikTok compensates creators in the United States and Europe, but in Canada are left behind. Why are the liberals allowing this abuse? These content creators are workers. They deserve to be paid. Madam speaker, worker right is my roman empire. So will this government start working for young people, ensure Canadian content creators are compensated fairly.

The Speaker: The Honourable member.

Pascale St-Onge (LPC): Thank you, madam speaker. Our government is proud to support our creators all over the country. They’re amongst the best in the world. They are sharing our stories, every Canadian’s stories, and it’s really important that we keep op supporting them. This is why we brought forward bill c-11. And through this new bill we’re gonna bring in new revenue so that we can better support our creators in Canada. Thank you very much.

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