February 8th, 2022 - 8:40pm

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The Speaker: The honourable member for Windsor West.

Brian Masse (NDP): 12 days later the consequences of the convoy are spreading across the country. Things are only getting worse and the prime minister continues to ignore advice from outside of hills Ottawa bubble. In Windsor the ambassador bridge has been forced to close and this this has devastated truckers, residents and essential workers who cross the border every single day to save lives. The disrespect to our local economy is one thing but it’s clear that there is no plan for border communities and we want a plan. The NDP has proposed a save border task force – it’s been ignored for two years. Why has this not been acted upon and why can’t we get in front of actually doing the right work and the right thing.

The Speaker: The honourable minister for public safety.

Marco Mendicino (LPC): Mr. Speaker, I thank my honourable colleague for his question and I know his advocacy will be very important in the coming days. He reached out to me earlier. He and I will be having a conversation. I want to assure him and everybody in the Windsor area that we are working very closely with CBSA officials who are coordinating with Windsor police and the mayor with whom I’ve had contact with. There’s a full core press to deep the supplies. Moving on. Ambassador — supply chains moving on ambassador bridge and we’ve diverted to alternate ports of spring we work with all orders of government and law enforcement to get this resolved.