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OTTAWA – With Canadians and Canadian organizations increasingly falling victim to data breaches and cyber-crime Brian Masse M.P. is calling on the federal government to bring forward stronger regulations to protect Canadians’ digital privacy.

Masse discussed his concerns: “I am very concerned that we are not doing enough in Canada to protect the digital privacy of Canadians and am calling on the government to develop stronger frameworks and guidelines to improve cyber security in Canada.  These are critical issues that must be addressed for the benefit of the Canadian economy as commerce is increasingly happening on-line as well a wider range of communications that are private in nature.  Canadians must be confident that digital communication is safe.”

Two recent incidents raise some very serious questions around cyber-security in Canada.  The University of Calgary reportedly opted to pay $20,000 after a ransomware cyberattack on its system.

Equally concerning is the recent revelations that Blackberry was disbursing personal and private data to law enforcement agencies.

Masse rose in the House today to question the Government on the issue of digital privacy and has written the Privacy Commissioner to recommend a go-forward strategy that adds clear guidelines for firms to follow to better protect the private information of Canadians and to spell out clearer guidelines that govern the disbursement of personal information to law enforcement agencies.

The Minister of Public Safety responded that the issue is in the courts, Masse added: “The Liberal strategy to deal with personal privacy in the courts will take 1 to 3 years.”

Masse’s letter to the Privacy Commissioner is attached.

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