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March 31, 2023

Today in the House of Commons, Brian Masse MP (Windsor West) made the following statement followed by the tabling of petition e-4302:

Mr. Speaker,

Scandals in the sports world continue to plague our country.  The scale of these abuses against athletes needs immediate attention.

Athletes should have the right to participate in any sport, free from maltreatment, abuse or harm.

Today I stand up for my constituents, some of whom are survivors of abuse, and to help shed light on the seriousness of this issue.

I would like to thank Dr. Victoria Paraschak from the University of Windsor, and many other advocates and sports organizations from across Canada, who are working together to ensure that this Government recognizes the scope, urgency and importance of protecting our athletes from abuse in sport.

They know that we need a preventative approach to justice for survivors – that examines these problems systemically – not on a case-by-case basis.

Together, I proudly stand with these leaders and survivors in sport to request that this government call a judicial inquiry – completely independent of sport – and that outlines a clear and consistent approach that is fair and immediate for these survivors.

Without this transparent mechanism available in the form of a judicial inquiry we will continue to see complaints, maltreatment and no justice.

It’s time to protect our Canadian youth and athletes today.

Masse then Tabled the Petition:

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