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WINDSOR, ON – Today, Windsor West MP, Brian Masse, supported the proposed funding for the next steps in the Ojibway National Urban Park plan.  Parks Canada has approved up to $584,760 in funding for fiscal years 2021-22 to 2022-23 to the Corporation of the City of Windsor for the project entitled “Windsor Urban Park Assessment.”

The City of Windsor will be granted this amount to assess opportunities for enhanced access to urban green space in Windsor, Ontario, dependent on the successful negotiation and signing of agreements.

“It cannot be understated how important this funding is as the next step in the process of moving forward this vital project,” Masse said.  “I know the City of Windsor is as committed to this project as I am and I’m happy to see that this is moving ahead.”

Masse questioned the Liberal Government in the House of Commons today about their commitment to moving forward on Ojibway Shores and will continue working to ensure that Ojibway National Urban Park remains a priority for this government.  You can see a copy of his exchange in Parliament here.


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