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OTTAWA – Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) accompanied by representatives from the Chamber Community, Canadian Labour Congress and the Gaming Industry are ready to push The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act (Bill C-211) through the Legislative process.  The legislation if enacted will have a profoundly positive economic impact by protecting and creating hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs in the Entertainment Industry.  In addition passing C-221 will hurt organized crime by significantly reducing a major revenue stream.


Masse spoke about the Bill: “The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act simply removes the federal restriction on single event sports wagering allowing the provinces the choice to develop new gaming products that will assist them to capture new non-tax revenues from a massive illegal marketplace.  The federal restriction on single event sports wagering has led to the creation of a $14 Billion black/grey market that benefits mostly organized crime.  Enacting C-221 will shift a significant portion of those revenues into the legal and regulated market place thereby increase the public sector’s capacity to deliver programs and services that benefit all Canadians.”


Tomorrow the Bill will be read at Second Reading, proponents want to see it referred to Committee for a thorough vetting. “Canadians will have the opportunity to make fair wagers in safe, secure, and regulated environments thanks to Bill C-221,” said Paul Burns, Vice-President of the Canadian Gaming Association. “Additionally, hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue will stay in our economy, supporting people, jobs, and communities. Other jurisdictions have shown us that the public overwhelmingly prefers to gamble through regulated and legal means. Canadians deserve the same protection.”


The Safe and Regulated Sports Wagering Act re-introduces legislation brought forward by the NDP in the previous Parliament – Bill C-290 which fell incomplete at 2nd Reading in the Senate at dissolution.  “I am optimistic that after a full debate Members of Parliament from all parties as well as Senators will understand the significant benefits that this legislation could have. I look forward to continuing the work with our partners on this legislation to help all Parliamentarians understand this Bill” Masse added.


The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act has the formal support of a broad array of stakeholders including Labour, Business, Law Enforcement Professionals and Gaming Industry Experts.




For further information, please contact: Brian Masse 613-996-1541 or [email protected]

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