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Border, TPP, Single Event Sports Betting Will Form Part of the Focus

Emerging from a 2 day Caucus retreat local NDP MPs Brian Masse (Windsor West), Tracey Ramsey (Essex) and Cheryl Hardcastle (Windsor Tecumseh) are ready to push the Windsor-Essex regional agenda and hold the Trudeau government to account.


Hardcastle talked about the NDP’s focus as Parliament is set to resume next week: “We are united behind our Leader Tom Mulcair and recognize that the NDP is the only party able to effectively challenge the Liberals to follow through on their campaign commitments to restore our national health care system and to expand the Canada Pension Plan so that our seniors are able to retire with dignity. We’ve already seen Trudeau’s government abandon or modify key promises made during the campaign and the NDP as Canada’s Progressive Opposition is the only party that can hold them to account with any degree of effectiveness.”


As the NDP’s International Trade Critic, Ramsey will continue pressing the Liberal government for a better deal on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.  “The Liberal government is refusing to stand up for jobs that families in our region depend on.  How can they accept a TPP deal that jeopardizes 20,00 jobs in the auto sector, chips away at our supply management system and lock Canadians into high drug prices?  The NDP believes a better deal is possible.”


Brian Masse is committed to bringing the regional issues to Ottawa.  “We have always worked to ensure that Windsor and Essex County forms a key element of the discussion in Ottawa with great success.  I will continue to advocate for investments in Auto and Manufacturing including demanding the Liberals live up to their promise to continue to fund Auto21.  Our new Border Crossing remains a critical issue that will require on-going attention and I intend to work to pass my Single Event Sports Betting Bill through the Legislative process in the House of Commons.” Masse added.


Parliament reconvenes next Monday.

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