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Brian Masse M.P. Tables Digital Bill of Rights Motion in Parliament

Brian Masse M.P. in the Parliamentary Press Gallery discussing his intention to Table a Digital Bill of Rights.


Following allegations of privacy breaches and recent scandals in the digital world, Canadians are concerned for their privacy, security and consumer rights. In order to address these issues and concerns as the Liberals continue to drag their feet, the NDP Innovation, Science and Economic Development Critic, Brian Masse, has introduced a motion in the House of Commons calling on the Government to protect Canadian consumers and their digital rights.

“Following the allegations of privacy breaches by Facebook, and the Apple iPhone battery scandal this past January, we need to stand up for Canadian consumers. The digital landscape is constantly evolving and there is nothing in place to protect and educate consumers before the next scandal happens,” stated Masse. “My motion is a starting point to protect Canadians and to enshrine their personal rights in the digital world.”

Masse’s private members motion will call for universal and affordable access to the internet and digital platforms for all Canadian consumers. It further protects Canadians’ privacy rights, security, ownership of personal data, and information, as well as the consent required for use of this data, judicial oversight governing surveillance, site blocking and disconnection. It will also provide for the development of digital literacy skills, especially for seniors and youth in Canada.

Other areas of focus include guaranteed protection of net neutrality, and studying the impacts of digital technologies on consumer health.

“Over the coming months, I will be meeting with Canadians across the country to hear their concerns on digital matters,” said Masse. “It’s time for this government to take concrete action to protect Canadian’s privacy, personal data, and security. It’s time for a Canadian Digital Bill of Rights.”


For the Full Text of the Motion in Both Official Languages Click on the Link Below:



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