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November 27,2020



[WINDSOR, ON] Brian Masse MP Windsor West, Critic for Innovation, Science, Economic & Development along with Windsor Police Services Const. Rob Durling with the Financial Crimes Unit, and Community I.T. Specialist/Educator Kevin Cosgrove respond to Fraud Report tabled in the House of Commons.

Today, The Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology presented its First Report in the House of Commons entitled Fraudulent Calls in Canada: A Federal Government’s First Start, in which the Committee made 15 recommendations. To better protect the public, the federal government must support the adoption of new techniques and technology. The federal government should also improve cooperation between relevant public authorities at home and abroad and enhance data collection, public awareness and transparency, criminal legislation and enforcement. The Committee held three meetings on this topic and received six briefs.

MP Sherry Romanado, Chair of the Standing Committee on Industry stated “This report is the result of the collaborative approach our Committee took to studying and making recommendations to the Government on a serious problem that is having a devastating impact on Canadians across the country. I want to thank my colleague, MP Brian Masse, for bringing this important topic forward for study and to congratulate my fellow INDU members from all parties for working so diligently together to get this done.”

“Knowledge is power, the more we can educate Canadians on fraud and provide fraud prevention programs and strategies, the better we can protect our citizens from being victimized by this global issue.” said Const. Durling.

“In 2016, the Windsor Police Services and I held a joint press conference to help protect Canadians against these types of crimes and it is unfortunate that in 2020 there has been an influx of fraud calls to Canadians’ home phones and cellular devices including robocalls, ghost calls, and spam calls which has increased 25% in comparison to last year. Hopefully with my motion and the recommendations in this report the Government of Canada will work toward becoming an international leader in the prevention of fraud and launch a public awareness campaign to warn and protect Canadians against COVID-19 related fraud calls”, Masse said.

“As an I.T professional I deal with not only the intrusion and nuisance of fraud calls, but the actual fallout of the financial loss and privacy issues causes by fraudulent callers that prey upon some of the most vulnerable members in our community. Brian Masse’s continuous work on fraud calls is a crucial part of efforts to stop these calls in Canada”, said I.T. Specialist/Educator Kevin Cosgrove respond to Fraud Report.

Fraud calls cause significant losses to Canadians. Supported by fraudulent offshore call centres and easily accessible technologies, such as robocalls and spoofing, fraudsters manage to deliver scams despite the best efforts of law enforcement agencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant upsurge in fraud targeting Canadians, where it is recommended that the federal government act now by launching a public awareness campaign in local and national media to warn Canadians against COVID-19 related fraud.


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