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Happy New Year from the Border:


See You In Court

On the heels of losing one lawsuit against the City of Windsor, the Ambassador Bridge ushers in the New Year by filing suit against the State of Michigan Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) issues the following statement:

“Nothing rings in the New Year like another year another border lawsuit – I am not the least bit surprised to see the Ambassador Bridge in court on the Gordie Howe International Bridge.  We have witnessed attempts to use every mechanism, no matter how far-fetched to either delay or thwart entirely the construction of the new crossing.  Every one of their numerous attempts has failed, they lost in the original DRIC process when their proposal was found deficient, they lost in trade court, they lost in the US federal court, they lost at the Supreme Court of Canada and they lost a refendum in Michigan. 

It is my hope this will finally prompt the WDBA Chair and the Government of Canada to explain how the Ambassador Bridge is a “Stakeholder” in the Gordie Howe project.”

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