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Auto Statement:  Brian Masse NDP Industry Critic, Auto, Great Lakes and Canada – US Border Relations

May 14, 2023

The current public discourse between the Federal Government and Stellantis and LG Energy Solution is unfortunate, yet highly predictable due to the clandestine negotiations and lack of a Canadian National Auto Policy. Each agreement as a one-off secretive approach lends itself to automakers wanting to renegotiate to get “favoured nations” improvements, and public questions as details are held as state secrets but eventually emerge causing negotiations to spill over into the media and public discourse with some based-on fact, other information or rumours (this time the Volkswagen announcement). This poor approach puts workers and taxpayers last versus an open accountable and measurable process to win investment and show value to transforming the industry with the primary goal of employment and value for taxpayers to build a winning formula to compete in a global market. I will continue my advocacy of this investment with the primary concern related to Unifor Canada Local 444 Unifor employment, spin off jobs and accountability encouraging Stellantis and LG Energy Solution, the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario to not only complete a winning agreement for all, but for additional investment and success. A clear and concise detail of contributions and expectations will allow a path to get on and build because that is what Windsor – Essex workers do to live up to our part of the deal, and provide confidence that our region, Province and country are the best places to invest, innovate and compete with success. Although this is not the optimum situation, we find ourselves in at the moment, I will use it as an opportunity to try and improve the investment, bolster our collective opportunity between the companies, labour, other employees and community to highlight our ability to work through issues together leading to long term advantage.”

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