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November 18, 2021

 AS PARLIAMENT RETURNS MASSE HIGHLIGHTS THE PRIORITIES TO BE FOCUSED ON: Ojibway National Urban Park, protecting Windsor Airport, affordability of housing, telecom, securing a national auto policy for investment and jobs and trade with the US

(Windsor, ON)- Today, NDP Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West), outlined his priorities as the House of Commons returns on Monday, November 22.

“As the House of Commons reconvenes on Monday and in the spirit of cooperation in the minority parliament, I am going to be focusing on issues that were raised during the election campaign, those that have achieved consensus locally, a new additional critic portfolio for International trade, and the affordability of housing,” Masse stated.

Masse is the NDP’s Innovation, International Trade, Economic Development, Auto, US-Canada Border, and Great Lakes Critic.

“The effort to establish Ojibway National Urban Park continues and with a new Environment Minister I hope the transfer of Ojibway Shores from the port authority to Parks Canada will finally happen without delay. The endeavour to permanently protect air traffic control at Windsor Airport with legislation that will be re-introduced. The fight against the Rogers-Shaw merger and for lower cellphone and broadband prices for consumers will be taking place. Challenging the proposed US “Buy America” provisions and the EV tax credits which could injure our auto sector and workers. It will be the first issue I want to investigate at the House of Commons trade committee. I will be focusing on housing affordability and potential solutions to increase housing supply, lowering prices, and expand accessibility. There were many promises on this issue from all parties during the campaign. I expect there is a willingness to address it through innovative and new pathways including repurposing existing buildings for housing,” Masse stated.

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