Black History Month is a time to remember the specific contributions to Canadian society by Black Canadians. There are personal stories, migrations, historical events, and community celebrations that all play into the powerful and meaningful story of Black History Month. The following are newsletters sent throughout the riding in honor of Black History Month. These newsletters aim to share some of the stories of our local black community and how they have helped shape our community and region into the beautifully diverse place we call home. I hope you enjoy these stories the links below are all newsletters that were sent out. I suggest also visiting one of the local museums such as the Amherstburg Freedom Museum, the François Baby House or Uncle Tom`s Cabin Historic Site in Dresden. Please contact my office if you want further information on these or the local black historical or community groups at (519) 255-1631.


Sandwich Town Black Owned Newspapers – Henry and Mary Bibb

Barracks Square and Black Refugees in Windsor

James L. Dunn and the Black Loyalists

The Underground Railroad and Delos Rogest Davis

Sandwich Town Connection to the Underground Railroad

Slavery in Canada

Windsor Police Service and Black History

Sandwich First Baptist Church

Hour a Day Study Club

No. 2 Construction Battalion